Agent Environments

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The Paper topic: Agent Environments

Class: 4IT496 System Simulation (WS 2017/2018)

Author: Bc. David Feldstein


In multiagent systems there are agents as programmed operating units in certain types of enviroments. The basic distribution of agents is to reactive and delibarative agents. Reactive agents exist in the enviroment, they are influenced by its properties and changes however they do not create symbolic representation of the enviroment. Simply they don't try to simulate inteligent decisions or brain work. They don't read the environment, make no logic assumptions, they just react to it. In this case the inteligent behaviour comes from emergencies in the system which will be looked upon closely below. On the other hand deliberative agents do try to simulate inteligence as we percieve it in our brains. They do create symbolic representation of the enviroment and based on the experience with it they try to make an adequate inteligent decision.

This textbook chapter shows differences between different types of agents environments. It offers possible perceptions of the environment and how it affects each individual agent interacting with it and each other.