How to write a paper

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The length of an paper should be roughly about 14000 characters and the text must meet the requirements and parameters of scholar article, particularly the references (note that Wikipedia as well as any other encyclopedia is a tertiary resource and hence CANNOT be cited by no means, but it surely is not necessary to remember in master's course). You should not follow the structure and contents of our slides. Contrary is the case! You often find that there is handful of other related information and viewpoints on the respective topic and it is desirable that you work them out. Keep certain level of details.

Recommended structure

Unlike simulations there is no required structure of the text. The main goal is to be readable. Nevertheless you should not forget on the following points, but you do not need to keep the order and structure the text around them.

  • Introduction - real examples are a very good kind of introduction, especially if they are not very relevant to the topic at first sight, but you show that they do
  • Problem explanation, terminology
  • Real applications
  • Relevant facts (how the phenomenon is used, etc.)
  • References

Stick to the topic - you should cover your topic and do not interfere the others much.

How to submit

The only possible way to submit your paper is to submit a word-processor file to InSIS submit place.