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Dear professors,

I thought topic submission deadline is today and that is why, I wrote it now. First of all I would like to ask you for accepting my apologies for this delay.

Here is my idea of simulation project:

Vampires vs Humans.

Software: NetLogo

I came to this idea based on fantasy movie of "Twilight" and I changed story little bit. There are three types of turtles in this project namely humans, vampires and wolves. Imagine there is vampires among humans, which while refueling their energy by drinking humans' blood, infects humans and they become vampires. Humans eat from nature to refuel energy and there are wolves who protects humans and kill vampires.

I think it is interesting to simulate this situation and observe population of humans and vampires.


Software: Netlogo

I would like to simulate a small version of food chain theory. In the simulation there will be a predator - wolves and the prey - rabbits and they will wander randomly around the landscape. For each of them every step costs the energy, and they must eat something (in this case wolves will eat rabbits and rabbits carrots) in order to replenish their energy - when they run out of energy they die. This simulation will help to see population dynamics in such environment.