Airplane Evacuation

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This model simulates the evacuation of an aircraft, which is an important problem in reality. Netlogo was used as the software. A drawing of an aircraft, which is imported into Netlogo, serves as a blueprint. The drawing contains different colours, which are converted from colours to patches in Netlgo. These then determine the outlines etc. of the aircraft.


Different settings can be made: *The number of passengers

  • The number of staff
  • The number of fires
  • The panic rate of the passenger
  • The probability of a passenger panicking

The following can be visualised:

  • A plot visualised over time showing how many passengers escaped, died and how many person died.

Airplane visualization1.jpg

  • A plot visualised over time that shows how overall health and fire is developing

Airplane vizualization2.jpg

Method description

This is a picture of the aircraft where the evacuation takes place


The aircraft has 8 different exits. The passengers always try to take the exit that is closest to them. There is also a pilot on board, he tries to leave the plane himself via his own exit as quickly as possible.

In addition, passengers can panic and the probability of panicking can also be adjusted. As soon as they panic, they are coloured red in the visualisation and they do not find the exit immediately.

Furthermore, each passenger has 100 lives and each staff 300 lives, as they are more experienced and trained in such situations. As soon as a person comes into contact with the fire, he or she loses life. As soon as a person has 0 life, he dies.

The staff also has the task of extinguishing the fire to protect the other occupants and the aircraft. In addition, the staff has the task of helping people to leave the aircraft, first the occupants who are panicking, then the rest of the people.

How to use the program

There is a Setup button to confirm the settings and a Go button to start the simulation. Different sliders can be adjusted to see how it affects the number of escapes.



The simulation shows that the more passengers die, the more people there are on board who are panicking. For this reason, it is important to remain calm on board. Of course, the number of fires also plays a big role, as does the number of personnel extinguishing the fire.


The simulation can be downloaded here:

This zip folder contains both the Netlogo simulation and the blueprint that will be imported.