Car Park Solution for a New Cinema

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Problem definition

A brand-new cinema is opening at Vypich in 6 months at one of the busiest streets in the region. The ambitious owners decided to use their extra budget to operate a small parking space right in front of the cinemas entrance for providing a space to park for customers and generate further profits. Planned parking space will have fixed expense for each month but the land itself can be extended. Owners are now in need of expertise on how to approach this issue. Their requirements consist of.

1. Counter on when a car enters and departs. 2. Create a receipt depending on hours. 3. Take reservations and allocate the space.


For getting the job done I shall be using NetLogo to create the simulation based on client-side metrics and goals.


Model is created based on business requirements by the owners including all parameters used and developed. To calculate reliability and feasibility simulation goes parallel with profit value which is set by the owners.

Here are the things can be visualized:

  • Wellfare and Overall Price

Netlogo park2.png

  • Day and mean calculations

Netlogo park3.png

Simulation Control Options:

  • Adjusting the price

Netlogo park4.png

  • Randomize the starting point

Netlogo park5.png


1. Park Timer

a. Counter for calculating total minutes
b. Boolean checker for availability

2. Billing

a. Set up rates per hours
b. Conditions on specific days

How to Use the Program

Setup button to put the inital settings and go button to start the simulation, also including a step button which ticks once on every click. There is also start with a random seed value, it triggers when the random start option is off.

Netlogo park6.png

Simulation File

This zip folder contains the Netlogo simulation