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Systematic description

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Required article should describe the given topic from systematic point of view so that the article content uncovers system(s) contained and for each identified system describes all the aspects mentioned in the following system definition.

System is an organized, purposeful structure that consists of interrelated and interdependent elements. These elements continually influence one another to maintain their activity and the existence of the system, in order to achieve the goal of the system. All systems have:

(a) inputs, outputs and feedback mechanisms,

(b) maintain an internal steady-state despite a changing external environment,

(c) display properties that are different than the whole (called emergent properties) but are not possessed by any of the individual elements,

(d) have boundaries that are usually defined by the system observer.


Topics are usually phenomena which are result of interaction of system(s) elements. It is upon the author to analyze this phenomena and identify the system(s) involved. In short, author should employ systems thinking, identify and describe the involved system(s), their dynamics and structures, how they interact together and what are the main parameters, the systems' behavior depends on. All has to be based on reliable sources (cited).


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