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RetrieverBreeder - Optimal amount of female dogs

Simulation should answer the question how many female dogs are optimal to keep for satisfying the demand for golden retriever puppies.


  • Project Name: RetrieverBreeder
  • Author: Bc. Lucie Pokorná
  • Software used: SIMPROCESS


Find the optimal amount of female golden retriever dogs owned and/or kept regarding all given variables and facts.
Goal is to only have the ideal number of breeding dogs individually capable to fulfill the given birth giving plan.
Birth giving times are carefully planned ahead so that:

- the necessary customer waiting time for the puppy is minimized to the time that is naturally required in case of puppy initial care
- no puppies meant to be sold are kept for too long after optimal puppy growth time is over
- female dog has long enough time to fully recover from previous birth giving and get ready to another in a natural manner


  • Probability distribution of demand for puppies
  • Probability distribution of amount of puppies demanded by a customer (1 puppy per 1 customer being the most common option)
  • Starting amount of female dogs
  • Percentage of female dogs kept (exceptionally suitable puppies for further breeding)

Gathered facts considered in the simulation

  • Average amount of golden retriever puppies in birth
  • Average puppy mortality
  • Frequency of births (recovery time + pregnancy time)
  • Male/female puppy ratio
  • Optimal puppy growth time (to get the puppy ready for a handover)


Expected outcome of this simulation is to find the right percentage of female puppies kept,
resulting in the knowledge of optimal absolute amount of female breeding dogs to have in order to tightly satisfy customer demand
and grow an assured dog breeding business.

Sounds really interesting. Please, it is needed to use real data as much as possible for Simprocess. I am not sure if trial version limits will be enough for your simulation. If not, please, use the full version that is installed in computer labs. Approved. Tomáš (talk) 02:39, 13 December 2015 (CET)