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This site was primarily designed for the support of 4IT495 and 4IT496 courses at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics, Prague. Course materials, class resources and students' works are stored here. Nevertheless, everybody interested in simulations, agent-based models and their development, discrete-event simulation, business process engineering, systems dynamics, quantitative methods, game theory and other related topics are welcome. It is an interdisciplinary field encompassing knowledge from economics, statistics, programming, modeling and other fields. Even if you are not from University of Economics, Prague and you are interested in participating in this website, you are strongly welcome.

In past semesters there was a forum for students of this courses. You can still use it as a supplemental resource.

It is recommended to begin with Quick start article containing the basic information.

Course materials

Course materials for the topics discussed in this class. There are the results of former students' effort that could be useful as study resources for the others.


Simulation assignments submitted by former students of this class. A valuable source of inspiration.


The knowledge base of common problems and questions (not only the technical ones) and their resolutions. Feel free to participate.

We work hard to add other sections, articles and chapters (bibliography among others). If you have a good idea, feel free to add anything relevant. No approval needed.