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Welcome to Simulace.info, your source of information and resources to 4IT495 and 4IT496 classes. It should help you succeeding in these classes while you will participate as its co-authors. If not stated otherwise, all assignment submissions for these classes will be done using this site.

It is easy, just skim through the following paragraphs.

Create you user account

Unlike Wikipedia the anonymous edits are not allowed here. The main reasons are the protection against spam and the identification of student submitting a course paper. The registration is quite straightforward, just click on the Log in / create account link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

You can edit anything here

This site runs on the same technology and is based on the same philosophy as Wikipedia. Hence you can not only obtain information here, but you can also add information. You can edit almost anything, even if you haven't written it. You can correct somebody other's typo and you can add pages if you have an interesting idea how to improve this site. Do you think you can explain something better? Just do it. Even if you go wrong, there is no problem as all past versions are archived and you can go back to anything. You initiative will be welcome and appreciated (you can improve your course score this way). Note that you participate in the work that will help your colleagues in future and it could be helpful also for other internet users.

Edit pages easily

Mediawiki engine uses a very simple syntax. You will need no more than a couple of minutes to make yourself familiar with it. If you have no experience with this technology (e.g. you have never edited Wikipedia), click on the Edit link in the upper right-hand corner and see how the source of this text looks like. You do not need much more knowledge to start. You can find out how to create any other text element that you can see on this site or on Wikipedia the same way. If you will need a help with an advanced feature, see MediaWiki manual.

You can cooperate while your work on your term papers and simulations

Yes, that's right! This is a community web. Two heads are better than one. You can edit your articles or inspire each other. However:

  • You papers are by no means a collective work. The responsible person is always the one whom the task was assigned. The amount of his work will be always assessed, particularly in case of substantial portions of text added by somebody else.
  • All documented edits (e.g. the edits that was performed by a user of this web) are all right. What is not all right is if somebody other creates any part of your assignment and you add it here under your name. This is particularly (but not only) a case of program code of simulations. This is considered an academic dishonesty and in case such behavior is detected, it means an automatic fail in this course, eventually other disciplinary action.

Multi-language issues

Since this course is taught bilingually, this web is also bilingual. There is a language selector in the upper left-hand corner of a page. Please, take care to select the correct language, otherwise confusion may arise. The titles of articles written in Czech (and the links to them) should be followed by "/cs". If you have chosen Czech language in your selector, this suffix is added automatically. The articles in English need no suffix. The titles of Czech articles should be written in English internally. An eventual English counterpart should use the same (English) title.


There is Discussion link in the header of almost every page. You can write there your comments to this page. Every user has also own discussion page. You can communicate there with the particular user.