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Ideal latency between a metro trains

Simulation should represent what latency can be set for passenger transport in the Prague metro (depending on the density of passengers).


  • Project Name: Ideal latency between a metro trains
  • Author: Bc. Jan Cestr
  • Software used: NetLogo


Finding the minimum and maximum limits (time) for the Prague metro (Line C) which would reveal ideal spacing of each metro trains. Train should not stop in the tunnel due to waiting for the previous train (apart from exceptional cases). It should be reckon with the fact that metro station can’t be overfull.

Global variables

  • Time latency between each metro trains
  • Number of passengers in the station (more people in rush-hour than off-peak hours)
  • Frequency of people who choose to travel by metro (depending on location)
  • Throughput
  • Transport capacity of metro


Simulation to determine the ideal spacing (latency) between trains - ideal ratio between the number of passengers and the spacing of trains (boundary between traffic jams and traffic collaps because of overfull stations.

Approved. Tomáš 23:12, 13 December 2014 (CET)