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Hearthstone Starting Hand

What you will be simulated
This simulation was inspired by [[1]]. Hearthstone is online multiplayer card game similar to Magic the Gathering. In the beginning of game, each player is shown their randomly selected cards, and given the option to redraw as many as they like. This simulation will simulate this stage of game.

Goal of the simulation
This stage is tactically significant, with each player attempting to draw the best possible cards based upon their deck. A strong selection can make a significant contribution to a player's likelihood of winning the match. Goal of this simulation is to determine the best strategy for selecting player's starting deck.

Method and simulation environment
Data for cards can be found @ [[2]], which means simulation application will be created in javascript and results will be interpreted in MS Excel. For selected deck simulation will determine which strategy (keep 0, 1, 2 cards; drop cards with certain value, etc) is statistically best.

-- Oleg.Svatos 21:57, 12 December 2014 (CET) Sounds interesting. What are the available strategies for selecting player's starting deck you are going to choose from?

-- Xpalj24 01:42, 14 December 2014 (CET) I was thinking that could be a variable. Strategies are different for different classes and decks. At the beginning of simulation user would set parameters (if the goal is to maximize minions, or play on curve, max mana cost, type of card) and relevant simulations would be caried out.

-- Oleg.Svatos 21:04, 14 December 2014 (CET) OK, Approved.