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To make the probability of approving higher, I've prepared two possible simulations:

1. Poker starting combinations probabilities


  • Project name: Poker starting combinations probabilities
  • Software used: own script (in JavaScript, C++ or PHP) and Excel for reporting
  • Model type: Monte Carlo

What will be simulated

I will write my own small program, which will simulate probabilities of winning for different starting hands in Texas Hold’em poker. It would be almost impossible to do in any used software in our lectures. After the data are ready, I will use Excel for making graphs, especially for showing, how many simulations are necessary for getting the expected correct result.

Goal of the simulation

The goal of this simulation is to see which cards have which probabilities of winning and how many simulation it takes to be sure of this result with some probability (shown in Sigmas).

2. Football stadium entrances simulation

Short description: This simulation should answer the best possible number of entrances to the football stadium of Sparta Prague, taking into concideration many variables like minimum price of stuff and maximum satisfaction of fans.


  • Project name: Football stadium entrances simulation
  • Software used: NetLogo
  • Model type: Discrete simulation

What will be simulated

There’s a football stadium for approximately 21000 people. When there is a match taking place, it is practical to know, how many entrances should be open. Normally, it would be easy – the more the better. But it is necessary to take more variables into account. Goal of the owner is to pay as little for the stuff as possible. But if there is too little entrances open, people would be unsatisfied and with some probability stopped visiting the stadium.

The simulation will have the possibility to write down all important variables

Goal of the simulation

The goal of this simulation is to find out, how many entrances should the Sparta Prague’s stadium have open for different numbers of visitors, so that the fans are satisfied and the owner of the club doesn’t pay more than necessary.

Global variables

  • Number of visitors
  • Number of entrances
  • Price of one employee
  • Number of employees for one entrance
  • Speed of employee letting visitor go
  • Maximum accepted waiting time of a visitor

Oleg.Svatos 21:14, 13 January 2015 (CET) We would prefer the first suggested simulation (Poker starting combinations probabilities). If you agree than it is approved.